PEOPLE IN ACTION - Human Resource Project

People in Action - Gente em Ação

A Human Resources Project, key part of a big "umbrella" actions, developed for Alcoa's Brazil HR directory.

1 - Creation of a Box Presentation to show the judges the complete year documentation and publications, necessary to compete in the Annual Human Resources National Quality Award.


2 - Milestone image: as less is more, I "quote" the Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man draw as background - as ideal of perfection - and combining it with 5 big spheres, each one representing the areas of Alcoa's HR division. As a result of this planning action, Alcoa Brazil achieve the First Prize of the Human Resources National Quality Award.

The "head" highlighted (left image), key part that represents all collaborators of the company in Brazil was named Projeto Gente em Ação (People in Action Project).

The Logotype

Following the visual identity characteristics of the Box Presentation, I choose a traditional font: Bodoni - a serif typeface originally designed by Giambattista Bodoni in 1798 - adjusting kerning and size to deliver an efficient and solid logotype, solid and efficient as the people of Alcoa in Brazil.

Cover of the Gente em Ação Magazine

To offer all collaborators the opportunity of interacting with the day-by-day colleagues,  great number of activities were developed. This also included at the weekends, bringing their children to participate all together. I create, with the head of HR area, a good number of publications and direct marketing pieces to promote events and activities.